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We are writing to seek your support in offering a three-day job shadowing experience to the Secondary Year 5 students of Diocesan Girls’ School in your organisation. If you could, this would be a fantastic opportunity for you to help our students get ahead in the real world!!

To expand the skills and knowledge of our students, DGS has introduced a job shadowing programme to our S5 students since July 2014. Through this programme, our school hopes that each student will obtain valuable working knowledge and experience the corporate culture in the real world before they begin their final year of studies and start applying to universities. We sincerely hope that this experience is mutually beneficial and we know it will be invaluable to the student’s development.

All girls will participate in this programme as part of a school activity. As the provider of the job-shadowing experience, you would be volunteering in the role of a mentor. You are not expected to pay the student(s) or the school. Some suggested activities for the student(s) include observing meetings, reading documents, attending seminars, gathering research, entering data, etc. However, you will have the full discretion to design the tasks and experience for the student(s). This year, our school in particular requested for job shadowing opportunities in Architecture/Design, Journalism/Media, Medical, IT/Engineering, Social Work, Business and Animal related fields.

Details of the programme are as follows:

Dates: 3 - 5 July 2017 (Mon to Wed) for three consecutive days**

Hours: Three full working days

Attire: Our school will advise all students to dress formally, unless you prefer otherwise.

Student Preparation: Our school will prepare all students to act appropriately in the workplace and to respect the organisation’s staff, property, information, and culture.

**If you could offer a job shadowing experience but not on the above mentioned dates, please indicate it on the Reply Slip. Should you wish to offer or extend the experience beyond the three days, it would be a decision agreed between yourself and the student(s) and it would be outside the scope of our school programme. The job shadowing programme is open to all industries.

If you are able to support this programme, kindly download and complete the Reply Slip
and return it to DOGA office by 30 May 2017. The matching will be done by our school and if a match is identified, you will be contacted in June 2017.

We seek your kind support in offering a job-shadowing experience for our students. We look forward to hearing from you very soon.

Thank you very much.


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