DOGA Souvenir Sale


Lime Green Cashmere Scarf
Sales price: $500

Bath Towel (White and Blue)
Sales price: HK$160


Sales price: $260

DOGA Heritage Timber - Photo Frame
Dimension for photo frame base: 3 cm High x 5 cm Wide x 30 cm Long
Dimension for photo frame glass: 16 cm Wide x 11.5 cm High
Sales price: HK$500

DOGA Heritage Timber - Pen Stand

Size: 3 cm High x 5 cm Wide x 30 cm Long
Sales price: HK$350


Leather Strap Bag
Size:  41cm High  x  49.5cm (W)  x  53cm Long
Sales price: HK$280


Tote bag (Laminated fabric)
Size: Length 300 mm x Width 370 mm x Expansion 95 mm        
Sales price: HK$50


Set of 4
Size: 435 mm x 295 mm
Sales price: HK$60