• Flower Pots Decoration Workshop

    The DOGA Art Club hosted a morning and an afternoon flower pot decoration workshop on Jun 24. We were amazed by the creativity everyone demonstrated in decorating a set of large and small terracotta pots
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  • Macaron Baking Workshop (8 July, 2017)

    The macaron baking workshop was held on 8th July at The Mixing Bowl. It was a cozy fun-filled afternoon with 17 participants including some mothers and daughters behind the baking counter. They had a great
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  • Netball Festival 2017

    On September 16th, the DOGA Netball Team participated in the Celebrations of the 20th Anniversary Establishment of the HKSAR - Netball Festival 2017 organised by the Hong Kong Netball Association. Despite the strong sun and a
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  • Membership Sub-Committee Interest Group Networking Events

    DOGA Legal Group held its inaugural networking event on 24th June. It was an occasion where alumnae working in different legal professions from the class of 1981 to 2016 had the unique opportunity to get
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  • Mother’s and Father’s Day Calligraphy Workshop

    On 13th May, the DOGA Art Club hosted Mother’s and Father’s Day calligraphy workshops featuring Kaye Shu from K’s Calligraphy 舒法. The two sessions attracted 62 alumnae and their families to attend. The morning session
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News Updates

  • 1 DOGA Art Club: Urban Sketching on 3 March
  • 2 Chinese Bakery on 10 March
  • 3 Congratulations to Mrs Stella Lau JP
  • 4 Events Calendar
  • Urban Sketching is an act of drawing while on location to document the world around you. The Urban Sketching community has skyrocketed in popularity in the past 10 years with sketchcrawls happening all over the world.

    The Art club will be organizing the very first sketchcrawl in our familiar 1 Jordan Road campus. Please come and join the fun and take this opportunity to capture the school campus with your own sketches.

    For details please refer to the link below:

    Date: 3 March 2018 (Saturday)
    Time: 10:00am – 1:00pm
    Cost: HK$50 for DOGA member or each of her immediate family
    HK$80 for non-DOGA member or each of her immediate family member
    Venue: DOGA room

    Registration will start at 9:00am on 11 February 2018 (Sunday)
    . DOGA membership number is required to qualify for the member price. Priority will be given to members. Spaces are limited and first come first serve, maximum of 30 participants only, so remember to sign up. See you there!

    Kindly follow below link to register: https://goo.gl/forms/Xl51kKkozZBB6bUN2

    Some reminders for the event:
    1. Each person can register for

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  • Welcome to the Year of the Dog! Are you still indulging in the mood of Chinese New Year with various kinds of traditional food? Want to try baking your own "Lo Por cake 老婆餅" and egg tart to cheer your family?

    The Social Committee has kindly arranged a baking workshop with a veteran Chinese Bakery Kee Wah in Hong Kong on March 10th. Two different workshops have been arranged for your choice. You could choose to bring your kid to join for the egg tart session in the afternoon.

    Date: 10 March 2018 (Saturday)

    Workshop A: 10:00am - 12:30 pm; baking of Lo Por cake (for adult only);

    Workshop B: 3:30pm - 6:00pm; baking of egg tart (for adult / adult with a child under 12)

    Place: Kee Wah Studio Workshop, 2/F, 188 Queen's Road East, Wanchai, HK

    Cost: Workshop A: HK$300; Workshop B: HK$300 or HK$380 (with a child under 12)

    Language: Cantonese

    For registration of the workshop, please download the form and read the details from

    As seats are limted, please act now to secure your registration. See you

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  • DOGA would like to extend our warmest congratulations to our alumna and DGS headmistress, Mrs Stella Lau JP, on her award of the Silver Bauhinia Star (SBS) from the Government of the Hong Kong Special Administration Region. The Silver Bauhinia Star is awarded to persons who have taken a leading part in public affairs and/or voluntary work over a long period of time. Mrs Lau is awarded the SBS for her distinguished public service, and in particular, her valuable contribution towards the promotion of interests and well-being of women in Hong Kong.

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  • Upcoming Events

    March 3 DOGA Art Club: Urban Sketching
    March 5 Introduction of DOGA to S6 graduates
    March 10 Chinese Bakery
    March 24 Class Rep & New Members Tea Gathering
    March DOGA Netball League
    April 21 Support of DGS Career Fair
    April Inter-school Alumnae Badminton Competition
    May 5 Art Club Mother's & Father's Day Event
    May DOGA Netball Team in Festival of Sports
    Community Chest Dumplings-Making Workshop
    Social Sub-committee event
    June 16 Dr. Symons Scholarship Selection
    June DOGA AGM
    Finance Group drinks
    Visit to S6 Graduation Dinner
    July 5 Art Club Summer Event
    July Support of S5 Job Shadowing Programme
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Mrs Emily Dai - Class of '74

Mrs. Emily Dai, class of 1974, has kindly agreed to meet with Grace Lam, Helen Wong and Connie Lung, to share her views on preparing our girls for the future.

Mrs. Emily Dai joined DGJS as Deputy Headmistress / Headmistress Designate in September 1998, and became Headmistress in April 1999 upon Mrs. Rebecca Yip's retirement. She had a long association with DGS, having completed her schooling from kindergarten to Upper Six with the school. She recalls that the kindergarten used to be situated at the location of the current swimming pool, and that it was upon development of the pool that the kindergarten was closed. The opening of the pool was one of the highlights for all the girls at the time, and was an exciting event that Mrs. Dai remembers fondly.

After DGS, Mrs. Dai completed her Bachelor of Arts degree at the University of Hong Kong in 1979, and continued to pursue a part time Post-graduate Diploma in Education while embarking on her career in teaching. She then joined the Education Department to work in administration, before leaving for Australia in 1996. From 1996 to 1998, she completed a Master of Arts Degree in Education at the Macquarie University, and then returned to Hong Kong.

Before leaving Australia, she came across the advertisement for a new headmistress for DGJS, and applied for the position. As an old girl with a rich background and interest in education, Mrs. Dai aspired to contribute to her school and to achieve personal and professional growth by taking on this position of responsibility and challenge. She has found that the job of the headmistress requires all-round skills and flexibility to troubleshoot problems as they arise. As a private school, DGJS does not benefit from support from the Education Department, and hence Mrs. Dai must be resourceful in seeking advice on various issues.

When asked about how DGS has prepared her to face the challenges in life, she said 'resilience'. An appropriate level of pressure will steer the person to learn, to accept challenge and be able to adjust to changes. She mentioned that in her time, the terms IQ, EQ, AQ and MQ were not commonly used, but in actual fact, our school was then already preparing the students in these aspects. Mrs. Dai is one of the beneficiaries of this training and she believes our school should continue to provide these challenges to our next generations.

She mentioned one incident when she was a secondary school student. She was in the library with some classmates when a visitor visited the school. (While this visit had been announced to the girls, Dr. C J Symons had such confidence in the girls that they were not always given prior notice of the distinguished guests being received by the school, which was then a frequent occurrence). Dr. Symons was touring around the school with the visitor and visited the library. They approached Mrs. Dai and her classmates, and as would be expected, the girls greeted the guest calmly and courteously. All the questions asked by the guest were answered by the girls confidently and appropriately. The guest was the Governor of Hong Kong. Even though the girls were caught by surprise as the exchange had not been pre-arranged, they were always ready to face different challenges and could handle them well.

Mrs. Dai also commented that the training we received at DGS is very versatile and as the result, our girls are all-rounded. The school provides different channels of learning. Our girls learn not only academic knowledge but also skills they require to cope with life in society. DGS has the advantage of having a long history in education, enabling us to advance by building on its strengths.

One thing you may not know is Mrs. Dai was an outstanding athlete when she was in primary school. She has great interest in all kinds of sport. If you cannot remember what and how we did back in those times, you should look at the following photos. Do you remember the Skipping Race?



How about High Jump and Long Jump?

Mrs. Dai mentioned that her time in primary school has been enjoyable and educational for her. She had time to do sports and was one of the key players of the school team. By the time she moved up to secondary school, she realised that her priority had changed and she decided to focus more on academic-based activities.

DGS had subtly influenced her to accept changes in life readily. She gave as examples of such changes, the changes in the world economy and the advancement in technology which arrived without notice. We have to learn to be receptive of new things and know how to respond appropriately.

When asked about her work in DGJS, Mrs. Dai shared with us her openness in accepting new ideas to bring forth the junior school to face the new era. She has introduced a newsletter as a bridge between the parents and the School. She also started the Headmistress Award Scheme for the girls. This is to encourage them to try their best in all areas.

While we were looking at the sample of the newsletter and the award, we discovered a cabinet of mementos. There are dollies with DGS uniform, cards filled with words of appreciation and pictures with great ideas. These are all from the girls and their parents. We have no doubt that Mrs. Dai is serving the school with her utmost effort and love.

  • MEMBERSHIP CATEGORIES: Life Member: Anyone who has completed at least one academic year at DGS/DGJS and has attained the age Read More
  • The Dr. C. J. SYMONS SCHOLARSHIP was established in 1985 by the Diocesan Old Girls’ Association in honour of Dr. Read More
  • We are very pleased that the School has now moved back to a brand new campus in 1Jordan Road with Read More
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