• Festival of Sport Netball Tournament

    DOGA Netball Team clinched second runner-up at the Samsung 61st Festival of Sport Netball Tournament held on 13 May 2018. This year, the team gave their utmost for some really competitive games. The winning medals
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  • Lok Sin Tong Nursing Home Visit

    On 3rd February 2018, the DOGA Community Service Sub-committee along with 20 alumni volunteers visited the Lok Sin Tong Hoi Wang Road Nursing Home, which housed about 140 elderly residents. We spent the morning playing
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  • Diocesan Graduate Singers Annual Concert 2017

    Over 60 Diocesan Graduate Singers took the stage at the DGS Auditorium on 11th November 2017 to sing for an audience of more than 900. In this Master Series 1 – Schubert & Elgar, our repertoire
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  • Stamp Carving & Card Stamping Workshop

    The DOGA Art club hosted two workshops on Christmas-themed stamp carving and hoop art embroidery on 4th November 2017. Alumnae spent the morning learning woodwork and how to woodwork and how to carve their personalised
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  • DOGA Annual Dinner 2017

    The DOGA Annual Dinner was held on 20th October 2017. The venue was festively decorated with props and colourful creative standees for photo-taking. The theme for this year was S’Heroes and alumnae dressed as Wonder
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News Updates

  • 1 DGS Concerto Competition Winners' Concert 2018 on 19 May
  • 2 Networking Drinks for Finance Career Interest Group on 8 June
  • 3 DOGA Art Club: Mother's day decoupage workshop (05/05/18 Sat)
  • 4 DGS Careers Fair 2018 on 21 April
  • 5 Congratulations to Mrs Stella Lau JP
  • 6 Events Calendar
  • DOGA members and your guests (above 3 years old) are cordially invited to the DGS Concerto Competition Winners' Concert 2018

    Concert details:

    Date: 19th May 2018 (Sat)
    Time: 8pm
    Venue: DGS Auditorium
    Ticket Price: $30 (within DOGA Zone, central stall free seatings)

    Ticket reservation form:

    (Please make reservation and pay cash when collecting the ticket after 7:30pm at the counter which is a few steps after the guard house.)


    周展: 秦土情

    Elgar: Cello Concerto in E minor, op. 85, 1st movement

    Saint-Saens: Concerto No. 3 in B minor, op. 61, 1st movement

    Bizet: "Je dis que rien ne m'epouvante" from Carmen

    Hindemith: Der Schwanendreher: I, "Zwischen Berg und tiefem Tal"


    Winners of the DGS Concerto Competition 2018

    DGS Symphony Orchestra


    Mr. Leung Kin Fung, Conductor (Performing Arts Director)

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  • We are delighted to inform you our Finance Career Interest Group drinks will be held this year on Friday 8th June. Come enjoy an evening out with your fellow alumnae in this charming setting over nibbles and drinks!

    Date: 8 June 2018 (Friday)
    Time: 6.30pm – 9.00pm (Roundtable introduction at 7.00pm)
    Venue: L16 Café & Bar, Hong Kong Park, 19 Cotton Tree Drive, Admiralty
    Fees: $200 for DOGA members and $300 for non-DOGA members
    Target Participants: All old girls who are practising or former professionals, and all undergrads and postgrads, in a wide range of finance or business related fields including, but not limited to, the following: Banking, finance, securities, investments, accounting, regulatory, advisory, insurance, consulting, business, commerce etc.


    To secure your place, please:

    (1) Register Online via below link (Ctrl+Click):
    2018 DOGA Finance Drinks Registration Form

    (2) Send Cheque Payment to “DOGA Ltd., Diocesan Girls’ School, 1 Jordan Road, Kowloon” by 26 May 2017 . Cheques need to be made payable to “DOGA Ltd” with the following info at the back:
    - Name (as in online registration form)
    - DOGA membership no.

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  • Decoupage is the art form of assembling, pasting and varnishing paper cutouts to decorate objects, it is a fun and easy way to decorate just about anything, the process can be learned fairly quickly in just a few steps.

    The Art club will be organizing an exclusive floral decoupage workshop, please come to join us to create your own floral decoupage glass plate as a Mother's day gift to surprise your Mom.

    Date: 5 May 2018 (Saturday)
    Time: 10:30a.m. - 12:30p.m. (please be punctual)
    Cost: HK$200 for each DOGA member or her family members with one set of materials
    HK$300 for each DOGA member and her child (1 adult + 1 child) sharing one set of material
    HK$250 for each non-DOGA member or her family members with one set of material
    HK$400 for each non-DOGA member and her child (1 adult + 1 child) sharing one set of material
    Recommended for children age 8 years or above.
    Venue: INOR Art & Design workshop, Flat F, 3/F, Po Wing Building, 114 Percival Street, CWB
    (opposite to Lee Theatre)

    Registration will start at 09:00 on

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  • Further to the success last year, our school will host a Careers Fair on Saturday 21 st April 2018 to enable the DGS students to learn about different careers and professions. Through this Fair, the School hopes our girls will be able to interact with and learn from professionals who are day-to-day practitioners and experts in their respective fields. We believe the Fair will be an invaluable learning opportunity for the girls and may help to spark their interest in exploring a wide variety of career options.

    In order to make this event a success, we are gratefully seeking your kind support. Our school is hoping to enlist the support of professionals from a wide array of industries, to share their knowledge and give advice during the Fair. Our school plans for all these professional representatives to be stationed at tables in the Assembly Hall, and for the girls to move freely around the venue to these different stations. The representatives would not need to give speeches nor make presentations; rather they would be there to answer questions and to

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  • DOGA would like to extend our warmest congratulations to our alumna and DGS headmistress, Mrs Stella Lau JP, on her award of the Silver Bauhinia Star (SBS) from the Government of the Hong Kong Special Administration Region. The Silver Bauhinia Star is awarded to persons who have taken a leading part in public affairs and/or voluntary work over a long period of time. Mrs Lau is awarded the SBS for her distinguished public service, and in particular, her valuable contribution towards the promotion of interests and well-being of women in Hong Kong.

    DOGA would also like to congratulate Mrs Lau for receiving a University Fellowship from the Hong Kong Polytechnic University.


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  • Upcoming Events

    March 24 Class Rep & New Members Tea Gathering
    March DOGA Netball League
    April 21 Support of DGS Career Fair
    April Inter-school Alumnae Badminton Competition
    May 5 Art Club Mother's & Father's Day Event
    May DOGA Netball Team in Festival of Sports
    Social Sub-committee event
    June 8 Finance Group drinks
    June 15 Community Chest Dumplings-Making Workshop
    June 16 DOGA AGM
    Dr. Symons Scholarship Selection
    June Visit to S6 Graduation Dinner
    July 5 Art Club Summer Event
    July Support of S5 Job Shadowing Programme

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One of the longest-serving male sports coaches at an all-girls school, Mr. K.L. Tang comes across as soft-spoken and friendly. Old girls say he is a man of few words. Those who have been taught and trained by him are thankful to him for influencing them, as evidenced by the recent retirement party in March hosted by old girls whom he has coached over 35 years. It was a memorable day for Mr. Tang, who had just led the DGS Athletics Team on an 11-year winning streak at the Division One Inter-School Athletics Competition following three days of track and field competitions at the Wan Chai Sports Ground.

Division One Inter-School Athletics Competition 2017                                Retirement Party

“Top athletes must build the right foundation,” emphasised Mr. Tang during an interview with members of DOGA Editorial Sub-committee. “If the foundation is not good, you would fall eventually. You must be patient and not rush it. If you build upon an unsteady foundation, it gets harder to reach the top.” Mr. Tang’s own foundation in athletics was built early in life, during his primary and secondary school years, when he participated in sprinting, long jump, and throwing events. “There was no full-time coach in those days. The older athletes coached the younger ones.” He recalls going to weekly invitational athletic meets in the 1970s, with HK$5 of pocket money per day, less than half of which was used to buy lunch boxes. His proud achievements included defeating the Diocesan Boys’ School and Fung Kai Secondary School athletics teams, the latter of which won many meets but was always defeated by Mr. Tang’s relay team. He had also held the inter-school record for discus throwing.


Mr Tang’s countless awards as an athlete and sportsman                                  As athletics coach at the 1986 Asian Games, Mr Tang
                                                                                                               helped to publicise for the 1988 Olympics

Mr. Tang spoke of two influential figures in his youth, both of whom inspired him to become a teacher and coach. The first was a teacher who tutored him one-on-one after school as he had to miss classes to attend athletic meets. “I was inspired by my teacher’s dedication to teaching, so I would always rush back for his tutorial.” Another was an athletics coach from another secondary school, whom he had met during one of the invitational meets and who eventually became his coach. “My coach was the one who inspired me to become one myself,” he said.

Why did he become a male coach at a girls’ school? After graduating from Grantham College of Education, Mr. Tang initially became a “coach of coaches”, teaching more than 120 P.E. teachers at Grantham, many of whom have since become coaches at other schools. “In those days, it was hard to find female coaches for throwing events, and that’s where I specialised. That’s why I was recruited by DGS,” he recalled.


Mr Tang led the HK team, including athletes and swimmers from DGS, to overseas competitions.

Mr. Tang played an instrumental role in developing more than 20 sports programs at DGS, the first of which was basketball in 1982. Over the years, he introduced other sports including cross country and volleyball. In recent years, he also added sports programs as diverse as dodgeball, indoor rowing, golf, archery, bowling, handball, and Dragon Boat racing. Some of these programs were started in the temporary campus in Shum Shui Po during the 1 Jordan Road campus renovation. “We had no space for sports, so indoor rowing and dodgeball were good choices.” He added that offering more diverse sports was a way to encourage more girls to participate.

Mr. Tang praises DGS girls both past and present as having very good team spirit and being well-behaved. He thinks the girls nowadays are multitalented and proactive in reaching out to teachers for guidance and assistance. Athletes are physically stronger and start training earlier, due in part to better nutrition and availability of sports venues. The athletics facilities at the newly renovated DGS campus also provide more resources for girls to engage in sports training.


Mr Tang in GD bib at a Teachers vs Senior Prefects Friendly Netball Match in 1990s                        Coach in action

However, Mr. Tang thinks that the older generation of girls possessed a tougher mentality. “It may be that life is too smooth nowadays,” he reflected. “Setbacks and failures are necessary in training athletes’ mentality, so that they can overcome pressure and endure. Success does not come quickly. Building a solid foundation is key. My goal is to let athletes see their weakness, so that they know where to improve.”

He has a dual strategy for training athletes. Those who are used to winning need to compete in the big races first—ones that are more challenging to win. That way, they realise they are small fish in a big pond. When they feel challenged, they work harder. Those who lack confidence, on the other hand, need to compete in small races first, so they can slowly build up confidence.

When thinking of what he would miss most after leaving DGS, Mr. Tang’s immediate response was, “The students!” He treasures the special bond between the student and the teacher. Alongside parents, teachers play a vital role in the girls’ teenage years at DGS, helping them to develop their skills and discover their potential, as well as identify their strengths and weaknesses. He will miss the unique school environment at 1 Jordan Road, which provides a lot of resources, both for teaching and learning.

When asked about his two daughters, Mr. Tang spoke with a sparkle in his eyes, the way a proud father would. All three of his children, including his eldest son, now a college sophomore in the U.S., grew up as swimmers and athletes. In sharing about training his children, Mr. Tang offered more words of wisdom. “They have to like it themselves. Sports helps build confidence. You have to have expectations for yourself. No one can force you.” After he retires, he will of course continue to stay fit. “Nothing is more valuable than having a healthy and happy life!” Finally, for current and future DGS athletes, he has this piece of advice: 正選位置是自已争取,不是我给予妳的!






  • MEMBERSHIP CATEGORIES: Life Member: Anyone who has completed at least one academic year at DGS/DGJS and has attained the age Read More
  • The Dr. C. J. SYMONS SCHOLARSHIP was established in 1985 by the Diocesan Old Girls’ Association in honour of Dr. Read More
  • We are very pleased that the School has now moved back to a brand new campus in 1Jordan Road with Read More
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